Nigerians react to the ban of Codeine

Nigerians react to the ban of Codeine

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In the last 18-months, LIB has been quite vocal about the growing drug abuse rate in Nigeria and how little or nothing is being done about it.


One of our report even got the attention of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and he promised to expedite action on the menace of drug abuse. (Read HERE)

Finally, its getting some attention with the recent ban on the importation and production of ‘Codeine’ syrup accross the country, the drug control bill as well as the mental health bill that Nigerian Senate is set to introduce all points to the fact that there’s an effort to curb the illicit trafficking of controlled substances in the country.


The conversation however is on going and some Nigerians are of the opinion that, ‘Codeine is not the enemy. Never been. The enemy is pain. Neglect. Mental illness. Lack of education. Hopelessness. Worthlessness. And the culture of abuse’.

Whyte Daniel

May 2nd, 2018

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