Following the recent arrest of a gun manufacturer and recovery of alms in Ebom village in Abi local government of Cross River State, leaders in the community have commended security agencies on the move, and pledged their commitment in helping to fish out such people.


The paramount ruler of Abi local government His Royal Majesty Ovai Solomon Osim Edward who disclosed this to our correspondent on Thursday in Abi, insisted that communities must not harbor criminals.


“Let them be exposed, let them be chased anyway they are and be made to pay for it. We can’t hide criminals.”


Shocked at such action, the chief questioned the rationale behind the crime; “Somebody is in his community, who is manufacturing the guns and bullets? I saw that thing on social media and it’s somebody I know. Why will you be doing that? It means you are encouraging a war crisis. Let them chase him out! I learnt he is not around again, I don’t know, but let them expose him, chase him away and then make him pay.”




On his part, the youth leader of Ebom community Abang Ernest highlighted the role of the youth in apprehending them; “We’re not encouraging arms dealing, we don’t like it. If there are people who still think it’s going to be business as before, come to Ebom, you will see what is happening in Ebom. You heard the story that is everywhere. The Youth never supported that. In fact, we arrested most of those boys for the squad that came to Ebom. We helped to quit them and most of those materials, and got them to the police. It was the youth who arrested most of them.”


He further vowed that they will provide useful information in rounding up other gun runners who are still on the run; “Even the ones who are still at large, we will give whatever may be the needful information, whatever may help to apprehend those of them who are still at large. We will.”

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