Gov’t Starts Sanding Landmark Beach

The federal government has started sanding Landmark Beach in Lagos State ahead of the proposed Lagos-Calabar coastal road.

This development comes weeks after it was announced that sections of the Landmark Beach resort would be demolished to pave the way for the road construction.

FIJ learned that Landmark staff and vendors, whose businesses depend on the beach, staged a protest on Wednesday while the sanding activities were going on.

In a video shared on the resort’s Instagram page, workers were seen holding a big placard with the words “Save Landmark Beach” near the body of water.

A few blocks from the protesters were a rumbling tractor and a roaring caterpillar being used to fill the water with sand.


When one of the workers, who does not want to be named, spoke with FIJ on Friday morning, he was not only concerned about his job but also about that of others.

“I was among the protesters yesterday. Those people are filling up the water with sand. They have reached some areas where fun seekers used to have fun. Though no building or structure has been demolished yet, people are very scared, thinking about their jobs and everything. We don’t even know what will happen to us,” the source told FIJ.

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