A businessman and transporter in Cross River State has attributed the current food insecurity experienced in Cross River State to political spoils

Recall that the issue of food insecurity is not only limited to Cross River State and Nigeria alone but has become a global phenomenon

Speaking with our correspondent in Ikom local government area, Egedibia, frowned at the state of the Naira, revealing that businesses in Nigeria are solely dependent on the dollar

“The Dollar is a problem to us. How can a dollar be the sole determinant factor of your local currency? Your naira is not stable, it is not only devalued, but it is floating and has no landing point. A dollar today is about 1,500, how can a businessman survive? So with this happening every minute, things keep adding money, with all the troubles on the road, the high cost of diesel, high cost of pass and everything, it makes life very difficult for the people”. Egedibia said




He further blamed politicians in the state for playing a vital role in encouraging multiple taxation experienced in the state, a trend he said has affected prices of foodstuffs and making lives difficult for the common man

“The other aspect of it is our politicians. When the politicians at the end of the day, those who really help them, I don’t know the kind of help anyway. They just create roadblocks on our roads making this money for themselves, not even accountable to the government. They do whatever they like, they fight the drivers. This is exactly what is happening on a daily basis in different locations of Cross River State. So the politicians should be able to help matters too. If boys work for you, there are ways to pay them. So many opportunities are there, both in the federal, state and whichever level you want to engage them. He lamented

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